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haridasaru, Haridasa, Dasa sahitya
haridasaru, Haridasa, Dasa sahitya

Over six centuries ago a devotional movement took place in history of south India especially in Karnataka. This movement is known as Haridasa devotional movement which is a part of bhakti movement. Haridasaru means persons who are servants of Hari or Vishnu. Many hindu philosophers, poets , scholars took part in this movement. The pioneers in this field are Shri Narahari Tirthrtharu  ,Shri shripadarajaru, Shri Vyasatheertharu, Shri Vadirajateertharu, Shri Purandara dasaru, Shri Kanakadasaru, , Shri Vijayadasaru, Shri Gopaladasaru Shri Jagannatha Dasaru and many more. This movement was based on Madhva siddhanta or dvaita philosophy of shri Madhvacharyaru.

This movement was encouraged by emperors of Vijayanagara Empire. The literatures which originated during this movement is known as dasa sahitya. Hari Dasa sahitya explains simple methods to worship Lord Vishnu or Hari. Dasa sahitya can be easily understood by common man as it is in simple local language (kannada). Haridasa sahitya has contributed significantly to kannada literature.

Here we have put a small effort to collect details about Haridasaru and their Kritis.

Purandara Dasaru

Vijaya dasaru

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