Anantha Padmanabha Shaligram

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anantha padmanabha shaligram
anantha padmanabha shaligram

An AnanthaPadmanaabha shaligram can be identified as a shaligram comprising of 5 to 7 vadanas along with 14 chakras followed by the main lanchanas such as shankha, chakra, gada, padma –as clearly embedded on it. It may be in any shape. The rarest one is in the shape of the hood of a cobra. Usually we find these shaligrams in black colour .If it has the colourof honey it is said to be more auspicious. The one with the shape of the hood of a cobra having all the special lanchanas of shree hari along with the glaze of honey is the most rare and unique anantha padamnaabha shaligram. The one who worships this will be liberated from any sin committed by him in this life and also in his previous life . Worshipping Anantha Padmanabha  shaligram blesses the worshipper with healthy progeny.

Any form of shaligram is divine . If one is pious and adhere to strict vaishanva dharama he will be blessed forever.

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