Dos and Don’ts While Offering Tulsi Leaves

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tulsi leaves, offering to god, tulsi patram,do and donts, holy basil
tulsi leaves, offering to god, tulsi patram,do and donts, holy basil

The Incomparable Queen of Herbs

All of us know too well that Tulsi or sometimes referred as Holy Basil is so divine for Sri Hari Vishnu bhakti. The tulsi leaves or its seeds are offered to all Sri Hari Vishnu avtaars – like Sri Ram, Sri Krishna and Sri Narsingh. Ardent Sri Ram’s bhakt, Sri Hanumanji is also easily pleased with the offering of Tulsi patram. The Tulsi Leaf is also a herbal remedy for a lot of common human body ailments.

What you Should DO:

  1. Offer the patram to Sri Hari Vishnu and his avtaars daily. If fresh leaves are not available then use leaves picked previous day or those fallen on ground.
  2. Be taken in mouth after offering to Gods as prasad. Do not bite on this auspicious leaf, rather swallow if unable to keep in mouth for long.
  3. Light a diya (lamp out of ghee) under Tulsi plant daily or 365 diyas on Kartik Purnima to make up for days missed during the year.

What you Should NOT DO:

  1. Pick the leaves on:
  2. Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays
  3. On Purnima, and Ekadashi days
  4. Before sunrise or after sunset
  5. During Suutak-ie times of mourning after a family death
  6. After birth of a new born
  7. Should NOT picked with shoes on or without taking a shower.


[1] TULSI patram should not be offered to all other Gods and Godesses as Tulsi or Vrinda Devi gained her blessings only from Sri Hari Vishnu.

[3] TULSI mala or bead should be worn around neck at all times. The beads made out of dry tulsi stem have divine qualities that guarantee moksha or liberation to the wearer of such mala.

[4] TULSI is always pure and unlike other flowers/leaves need not be washed before offering.

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