Lakshmi Narayana Shaligram

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If a Shaligram Shila is having a rich glazing black color and a vanamala naturally embedded along with a clear vadana that is comprising of 4 chakras within that are facing each other then it is called as Laxmi Narayana Shaligram. It also has divine lanchanas such as Shanka chakra gada padma . Such a Shaligram is considered to have a supreme power to break the clutches of sins from a man not only in this life but also of his previous one. This is very rare shalagram. If a haribhakta has this at his Pooja griha and performs nitya pooja to this, he will have immense blessings from shri hari and will be earning immense punya every day. It is said that such a pious person will be on the path of mukti.

There is one more special varity of Laxmi Narayana Shaligram. But it is the rarest of the rare. In this type there is no vadana but all the 4 chakras are on the outer surface of the shila along with vanamala and all the above mentioned Laanchanas .This is available in black color . If one has immense punya,then he may hold possession of a lakshmi narayan shalagram which is of the rich color of honey and which has an ultimate divine value….

Any form of shaligrama is divine . If one is pious and adhere to strict vaishanva dharama he will be blessed forever.

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