Parashurama Shaligram

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Parashurama shaligram
Parashurama shaligram

Parashurama is considered as sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Many believe that he was born on akshaya tritiya. He killed king Kartavirya to protect the Holy Kamadhenu. He took an oath to kill all kshatriyas who tortured common men and sages.

The worshipper of parashurama saligram is always bestowed with confidence, courage and success in all aspects of life. He will be blessed with wealth and bliss. But the person who worships saligrama should follow the path of dharma.

Features of Parashurama shaligram
It must be black or white in colour with proper peetha along with chinhas or signs like chapa (bow), bana(arrow) and parashu (axe), vadana and chakra. The parashu sign must be present. Few very rare will also have shankha, chakra , gadha, vanamala etc

In this picture the arrows indicate

  1. Bow or chapa
  2. Axe or Parashu
  3. Arrow or Bana

Four types of Parashurama shaligram have been described. They are

  1. Rajapoojya parashurama
  2. Shantha parashurama
  3. Athasipushpa parashurama
  4. Doorvabha parashurama

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