Sri Purandara Dasaru

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haridasaru,purandara dasaru, brief history
haridasaru,purandara dasaru, brief history

The general opinion about his birth place is purandaragada near poona. But many scholars believe that he is from theertha halli and Sagar in Karnataka. Purandara dasa is also not new to Maharashtra. This is evident from the high place he occupies in the “Santhamalike” of Maharashtra. Besides this Sri Ajagavker reffers in his book “Maharashtra Kavicharitre” that during18th century Santa Vitoba Anna daphtardar of karad used to say that he was the amshavatar of Purandra dasa and has taken responsibality to fulfill incomplete 25000 krithis . A comparative study of both the krithis have a clear influence of Dasa on vitoba. Present Purandaragada have no Vaishnav Temples except one Shiva temple that belongs to 18th century. Kannada sahitya, culture and customs does not correlate with that of Purandaragads environment.

Vittala of Pandarapur is the Aradhyadeity of Purandara dasa. Marati santhas such as Jnaneshwar and Ekanath have said in their Krithis that Vittal is the deity of Karnataka. Sangli akashavani has programmed in marati “Kaanadaa ho Vittalu Karnataka”.

The Shasana found in Sagar of Shimoga district says that Kshemapura is Purandarapur. This place was a business centre. Dasa Purandara belonged to Nayaka family doing trade and business. It is found from 19th shasana available at theerthahalli and another shasana found in 1400 AD that, “Nayaka” name belonged to the brahmins of theerthalli. Purandaradasa’s son Hebanna, these type of names also as per the customs practiced in Theerthalli. Above all his life and keertanas which strengthen the influence that he belonged to Shivmoga district.

Dr. R. S. Panchamukhi a veteran in exploring shasanas has concluded that dasa’s time was 1480 AD to 1564. Shri S. R. Rao well known explorer of ancient informatics thinks that Dasa’s time was 1491 to 1564. The tamra shasana of 1526 AD available at Kamalapur of Bellary district proves that Purandara Dasa belonged to Vasishta gothra and yajushaka. The same shasana explains that the three sons of Dasa were Lakshmanadasa, Hebannadasa and Madhwapathidasa. Three sons of Purandaradasa have attained youth and were eligible to receive dana from Vyasarayamuni during 1526. It will be pertinent to consider the period of Dasaru as 1480 to 1564.

Purandara Dasa obtained ankitha from Vyasaraja – the rajaguru of Vijayanagara empire and hailed as the ruler of Karnataka Simhasana. Vyasaraja placed Purandara dasas krithis on the pooja Vyasapeeta and gave it the sacred name “Purandaropanishath”. He praised and blessed Dasaru as one who gave the honour and pride to Haridasa sahithya equalent to Vyasa sahithya. He remarked dasaru as “Dasarandare Purandarasaraiah”. Vadiraja, Vijayeendra thirtha, Shrinivasa theertha Kanakadasa, Belur Vaikuntadasa were his contemporaries. Purandaradasa sang the sthothra in praise of his guru after witnessing (1521 A.D.) Krishnadevaraya’s kuhuyoga got nullified by Vyasaraja. Dasaru saw from his own eyes the rule of Achutaraya, Sadashivaraya after Krishnadevaraya and then son-in-law Ramaraya’s too.

When the dolerite of the kingdom suffered a decline due to decline in cultural values and turning towards material pleasure. Purandaradasa cautioned the masses by a krithi ‘ Nechhadiree bhagya’ means do not depend on material pleasure, and be careful. Vijayanagara which was sleeping intoxicated due to its material glory and prosperity perished within a short time after Purandara left his mortal frame.

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