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Divya shaligram is a sincere effort introduced, to share the very little known knowledge regarding shaligrams and the holy sayings of shastras as Vedas and Upanishads as much as possible . For beginners shaligram is so called in the North India , where as south Indians prefer to call it as saligrama. One must not be under the belief that these two differ .They are one and the same.

What is shaligrama or Shaligram?

what is shaligram
what is shaligram


Shaligrama is a natural and the most pure form of shila, found in the Gandaki river .Hence Shaligrams are also called as Gandaki Shaligrams. There is a wide belief that Shaligram is a most direct form of Lord Vishnu available to man. Since it is natural and untouched by human civilization, it is said to have unique sannidhana of Lord Shri Vishnu himself and is thus of great auspicious value .
It is considered that the shaligrama shila will have the sannidhana of Lord Vishnu irrespective of days and time. Thus the presence of shaligram in the home is considered to be one of the most meritorious achievements in a haribhakta’s life. Shaligrama also enables one to conduct a religious ceremony or a function with a strong belief of conducting either of the two in the presence of Lord Vishnu himself.

About Worshipping Shaligram

Shaligrams are widely worshiped by Grihastas and as well as Sanyasis . It is the only form of Lord Vishnu accepted by all Haribhaktas .As the shaligrama has the power of making a man devoid of his sins not only of this life but also of his past life by simple touching the shaligram shilas .Hence it is an ultimate punya to even be around a soul worshipper of the shaligram.

It is a very important tradition to keep shaligram along with idols of deities in the temple and homes. It is an ultimate dream and aim of every pious haribhakta to have shaligrama at his Prayer sanctum . As it is said that Shaligrama enhances and helps oneself to surge ahead in the path of sadhana. But one must be very clear before possessing shaligrama what he needs to follow. He needs to perform Pooja every day after taking bath. He should keep it in a clean and neat place .He should never keep shaligrams on the Ground. He must without fail worship it along with Tulsi. He should avoid all non vaishnavite food. He must have a very pure mind and character. The list goes on .

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