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Tulsi (holy basil)

tulsi leaves, offering to god, tulsi patram,do and donts, holy basil
Tulsi is worshipped by Hindus and is an important symbol of Hindu religion. It is a very common sight to find Tulsi Vrindavan ( A special structure where tulsi is grown) in houses of Hindus. There are two types of…

Works of Haridasas

haridasaru, Haridasa, Dasa sahitya
  Haridasaru significantly approached the common man through their poems or kritis. They explained benefits of healthy spiritual living. Their kritis were in simple language which common man could easily understand. The poems and kritis of haridasaru is known as …

Sri Vijaya Dasaru and Divinity

haridasaru,Sri Vijayadasaru, divinity, miracles of sri Vijayadasaru
Divinity of Sri Vijayadasaru He prevented a woman from killing herself and her son. He looked after them as part of his family. Later that boy became his disciple and a very famous Haridasa called Mohana Dasa. It is said…

Sri Purandara Dasaru

haridasaru,purandara dasaru, brief history
The general opinion about his birth place is purandaragada near poona. But many scholars believe that he is from theertha halli and Sagar in Karnataka. Purandara dasa is also not new to Maharashtra. This is evident from the high place…

About Haridasas

haridasaru, Haridasa, Dasa sahitya
Over six centuries ago a devotional movement took place in history of south India especially in Karnataka. This movement is known as Haridasa devotional movement which is a part of bhakti movement. Haridasaru means persons who are servants of Hari…