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Parashurama Shaligram

Parashurama shaligram
Parashurama is considered as sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Many believe that he was born on akshaya tritiya. He killed king Kartavirya to protect the Holy Kamadhenu. He took an oath to kill all kshatriyas who tortured common men and…

Lakshmi Narayana Shaligram

If a Shaligram Shila is having a rich glazing black color and a vanamala naturally embedded along with a clear vadana that is comprising of 4 chakras within that are facing each other then it is called as Laxmi Narayana…

Anantha Padmanabha Shaligram

anantha padmanabha shaligram
An AnanthaPadmanaabha shaligram can be identified as a shaligram comprising of 5 to 7 vadanas along with 14 chakras followed by the main lanchanas such as shankha, chakra, gada, padma –as clearly embedded on it. It may be in any…

Welcome to Divya shaligram

what is shaligram
Introduction Divya shaligram is a sincere effort introduced, to share the very little known knowledge regarding shaligrams and the holy sayings of shastras as Vedas and Upanishads as much as possible . For beginners shaligram is so called in the…