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Importance Of Worshipping Shaligram

what is shaligram

Our country is a land of many gods who are widely worshipped and celebrated in the whole of the country. These gods have taken various forms over the course of humanity. These forms are as important as the gods themselves…

Shaligram Bracelet

shalagram bracelets

Shaligram bracelet  This is considered highly auspicious. It is used to get the divine blessings by Lord Vishnu and also it gives all-round protection to us from evil eyes. One who sees and worships the Mahavishnu Shaligram gets eternal peace.…

Parashurama Shaligram

Parashurama shaligram

Parashurama is considered as sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Many believe that he was born on akshaya tritiya. He killed king Kartavirya to protect the Holy Kamadhenu. He took an oath to kill all kshatriyas who tortured common men and…