Editorial and Disclosure Policy

At Divya shaligram ( https://www.divyashaligram.com/ ), our goal is to help readers to know more about products that are used in spiritual rituals like Puja, Prayer, Meditation etc.

Part of how we do that is, we explain about these products how it is used in rituals. We also help readers to know about the decorative items, clothes, gadgets and other products which help them in the path of spirituality. Below, you can find more information on our editorial process, including how we pick products and how we may be compensated through our content.

Editorial Process

Our main goal as a content-driven platform is to find the best solutions for our readers. That may be finding the best product, shaligram, conch, idols, decorative items, festival clothes, etc which help them to have a smooth spiritual path and ease their daily pooja and praying activities.

In any case, we’re committed to useful, accurate and authentic information above all else. Solving our readers’ problems and challenges is our top priority, and we firmly believe that if we do that the right way, everything else will fall into place. We do our best to keep our stories updated with links to brands and research sites that provide additional info.

Each story we publish has hours of research, writing, fact-checking and editing behind it, and each article is reviewed by several editors.

Affiliate Links & Recommendations

In many of our articles, we may earn a small commission when readers purchase products through our links. We strive to recommend the products that would fit best for most audiences.  But we cannot assure the quality of the product that is delivered to you, as it is solely dependent upon sellers.